Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Real Housewives of Palm Beach, circa 1953

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Amanda @ Sew Retro, So You said...

Don't those women ALWAYS look so glamorous and elegant. I think I'll be reincarnated as a pattern illustration as then I'll be slim, gorgeous and incredibly stylish! *ROFL*
I've become addicted to vintage patterns. I just love the illustrations and yes, I've often wondered what they'd be thinking or like if they were real!
I got into vintage and retro patterns, fashion, sewing etc as a blog to sell my mum's huge collection of patterns. Trouble is I just love the styles etc that I wish I had the space to keep them!
I shall be an avid reader of your blog now as I can see more fabulous styles without having to have them in my home (hubbie and sons will be so relieved;-D).