Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Umm, yeah, thanks guys..."

"...sigh...No, no, I don't need any coffee, but thanks so much for not even bothering to ask me if I wanted any. You're both just too kind."


TheGeographer said...

What is that thing that Yellow Coat is holding? It looks like a goblet with no bottom, or a bell-ringer's bell.

San Antonio Sue said...

TheGeographer -- I think you're right. The caption should read "No thanks, I don't need any coffee, I'll go straight to the Mimosas for a little hair of the dog..."

evalyn said...

It's a mirror, a hand held mirror. She's secretly watching Blue Coat, who, after pouring hot coffee into the cup held by Floral Coat who now can't figure out how to put it down without loosing her grip on what appears to be a donut, is about the burn the *%@$ out of her hand by pouring hot coffee into the cup sitting in her palm. See how her lips are parted in anticipation? Imagine how she will use the mirror to hide her smirk when Blue Coat drops both the cup and the pot and says something unbecoming a young lady in a house coat.