Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lobster Girl Can't Catch A Break


"So...very thirsty...need...a Coke. Gah! Damn you claw hands! Damn you straight to hell!"


Lisa said...

My God, Kim, I did miss you while you were gone! And what the heck IS a sub-teen anyway?

Fast Eddie's Retro Rags said...

Thanks, Lis! I missed you guys too!

I think "Sub-teen" sounds filthy...I wonder if there's a "Dom-teen". That's disturbing, too. (Where's Jen when you need her?!)

Lisa said...

It's her birthday. She's probably out having a good time.

Jen ~ MOMSPatterns said...

I actually saw a Discovery Health show about Lobster Man and his Lobster Hand daughter. Did you know he was a mean ol' drunk who used to PINCH them when he was mad?

I mean, MAJOR OUCHIES, Dude!

Jen ~ MOMSPatterns said...

A sub teen lives on a submarine. DUH.