Friday, March 27, 2009

OMG - I am speechless. You'll have to add the caption yourselves

This is so wrong on so many levels that I just don't know where to start.


Fast Eddie's Retro Rags said...

Toe sandals? Check.
Belted wool tunic? Check.
Tight slacks? Check.
Puffy shirt? Check.
Faux 20's swimsuit ensemble? Check.
Missing forearm? Check.
Greg Brady 'fro? Check.
Soft core porn photgrapher? Check.

100% Creepy Man Fail.

Lisa said...

You know, I have this same pattern ready to list, and I just KNEW that Kim would have something to say about it. There's just way too much fodder here for anyone to resist.

Creepy Man Fail. LOL

What-I-Found said...

See, I had to leave this to better minds.
Thanks Kim for stepping up to the task!

Fast Eddie's Retro Rags said...

Hey, you guys can rock it. There's still so much to work with-bromance, self-tanner, lack of bulge...

What-I-Found said...

See I was so weirded out by the rest of it I totally missed the toe sandals. Imagine missing toe sandals!

San Antonio Sue said...

Peter Pan addresses the Lost boys.

Lisa said...

So is the armless one a Jr Captain Hook?

I keep getting "man named Brady who was living with three boys of his own" vibe. Very creepy. I think the camera is the worst part!